Abstract submission

  • To submit an abstract :
1) The first step is to create an account. Please create your own account by going to My Space and clicking on the "Create an Account" (link in the left side bar menu). 

2) To be authenticated by the system, please activate your new account  (click on the link you will receive by e-mail immediately after creating your account). All other notifications related to the conference will be sent to this address.

3) Then, please come back to the website and login with your new username and password.

4) Download the template file for the abstract submission ( click on the link "Template : abstract submission") and then go to My Space, click on the link "submissions" and then select "new submission".

  • If you already have your own account :
 Login using your username and password and you will be able to submit an additional abstract or modify your abstract which has already been transmitted.


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